Press Release – 06/05/2015 FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE Pegasus Research & Technologies Receives Government of Canada Support For Cognitive Robotics Research and Development MONTREAL, QUEBEC (06/05/2015) - Pegasus Research and Technologies announced it has received a non-refundable financial  contribution of up to $165,000 from the National Research Council of Canada Industrial Research Assistance Program (NRC-IRAP).  This financial contribution, along with NRC-IRAP’s ongoing technical and business advice, will support a project to develop a  deliberation software toolkit for intelligent robot applications. The project has an estimated total cost of $553,000 and is expected  to last for 20 months.   About Deliberation Software for Robotics Deliberation software provides the means to make robots smarter and easier for humans to operate. Intelligent robots are capable  of decision-making and in some instances, learning. They can translate goal-oriented user requests into autonomous and semi-  autonomous behaviors through the use of deliberation functions:       Planning off-line prediction of feasible actions;    Acting              task execution; refines planned actions;    Observing        detects and recognizes;    Monitoring      comparison of predicted versus observed;    Goal reasoning monitoring at mission level; and   Learning           acquires, adapts and improves through experience. NRC-IRAP support will help to accelerate the development of software plugins for commercially available Miniature Aerial  Vehicles’ (MAV) onboard control system and operator ground control units so that they can safely perform missions such as search  and rescue and home/building inspection when operated by users with minimal instruction and training.   About Pegasus Research and Technologies  Founded in 2010, Pegasus Research and Technologies is a Canadian company that provides research and engineering services in  the area of autonomous systems, unmanned aerial vehicles, flight simulation and training and command & control systems.   For further information contact: Kevin Heffner, Ph.D - President  Tel: (514) 360-4920 k.heffner(at) 
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